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Welcome to our site.  We hope that we can help you find the puppy or kitten of your dreams. 

We breed quality purebred Cocker Spaniels, Savannah Cats, Maine Coon Cats and Bengal Cats.  Our puppies and kittens are raised with loving care and attention.  We have been breeding since 1996.  It is immensely rewarding  work and it is a joy and honor to bring these beautiful creatures to you.

‚ÄčOur lines are chosen with great care.  We evaluate them based on temperament , health and appearance.   Only the best are put into the breeding program.

This amazing adventure started with an innocent "Mom, I have to have that puppy!"  We named her Angel, because she is an Angel.  An all black, beautiful, sweet and gentle Cocker Spaniel.   

The beautiful Cocker Spaniel.  Bred to hunt, amazingly agile and highly intelligent.  Easy to train with an uncanny ability to be totally in tune with their chosen person. Loyalty & beauty at its best.

We bred Angel when she turned five years old and the saga began.  Angel had three litters and we kept the best of her babies to carry on the line.    She was almost 14 when she passed.  We will always remember her.

We purchased Angel from my Aunt in the Bay Area.  My Aunt started breeding Cocker Spaniels because she and her daughter also loved this sweet and happy breed.  

After a few years of breeding Cocker Spaniels we discovered the Bengal Cat.  Needless to say we fell in love with these exotic creatures.   Again, my son, the great researcher, determined that out of all the cat species this was the one best suited for us. 

However, then I realized my dream of having a Maine Coon cat.  The biggest cat that I knew of at the time.  I had seen one and was in awe of the size.  

Until this time I thought that the Maine Coon was as big as a cat can get.  Then I discovered the amazing Savannah Cat.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Looks like a Bengal  but huge as a Maine Coon with a sweet and loving Main Coon personality.