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Sir Valiant

Owner:  Homestead Pups

in Roseville California

Picture is courtesy off Cakebread Cockers.

Sir Merly

Merly is a gorgeous and rare merle color.  He is beautiful and a character.  High energy and an attention getter.  

He is currently retired but may be back.


Owner is Homestead Pups.

Cody is a beautiful chocolate.  Sweet and laid back.  He is now retired.

Sir Valiant be belongs to Homestead Pups.  See more of his pictures at:  

 He is a Blue Merle.  A rare color.  He is tiny weighing about 16 pounds.  He has a  great disposition, gentle and sweet.  His Mom is a champion and she comes from a line of champions.  He was bred bycakebreadcockers. Website: